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Slow Tour Tuscany started organizing bicycling tours for women after meeting Denise.

Denise lives in Washington and she had spent the previous five summers cycling and traveling alone to learn about culture and to find strength within herself; when we met she felt ready to share her experience with others in the form of offering authentic tours. The freedom and intimate experience of traveling by bike had allowed her to capture moments of connection, being amongst locals in off-the –beaten- path locations had become a way of travel that made her feel at home wherever she landed.

.. We started building tours to offer a unique experience for women to come together for an adventure of a lifetime, to embrace culture by the seat of a bike and gather as women in a supportive environment. Our tours are thoughtfully crafted with locals eager to share their culture and traditions. Making connections in off-the-beaten-path locations ensure an authentic experience that set us apart from the big tours.
Small group size and non-competitive setting enhance the journey as we come together as women.

Engagement with one another and our environment help us absorb the richness of the experience.
There is nothing quite like rolling past ancient ruins and fields of sunflower to anchor us in the moment. As we weave our way through small villages and embrace the experience together, we know the moment in time will forever change our lens.

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